Jails Keeping COVID ALIVE

Jails Keeping COVID ALIVE

Posted by Joel Carter on Feb 3rd 2021

  • COVID Incubators: AS THE COVID-19 pandemic became global public-health officials feared that the world’s prisons would become incubators of the disease.
  • Higher Risk: According to the Jama Network, prisoners are five times more likely to contract the disease than the general public, and three times more likely to die from it.
  • Jails vs. Prisons: What makes jails so dangerous is their high turnover. Whereas prison inmates have been tried and convicted of crimes and are serving their sentences, often for yearsjails are meant for short-term detention
  • People go to Jail: According to the Prison Policy Initiative (PPI), a research group, some 600,000 Americans are imprisoned each year, compared with 4.9million who are put in jail.

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