Our Promise


All Organic ingredients that bring your hair back to life!


*Comes with our 3 Week Money Back Guarantee

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Our Mission


At Norbor Beauty, we bring the best organic ingredients and West African mixing techniques into your home. Our intention is always to help you be your best in whatever effort you take.  We say “nourish your hair, nourish your soul” as you two are a part of this journey together. 


And with the growing, glowing and well-tamed hair we help give you, you’re every step closer to all you can be. 


 -Zoe Carter


Our 3 Week Money Back Guarantee


If our product doesn't get you closer to your hair goals within 3-4 weeks you will get your money back plus a little more. We ask for a brief feedback call with us (so we can make the experience better for the next person!) and you will receive a digital visa gift card to cover all of your costs (*$18 gift card for a $17.99 purchase). 


Call us at 443-8762979 if you have any questions! 


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