Our Story

  After Zoe lost her job due to COVID-19, she set out to empower other women in the central Texas area who were struggling to find work and needed a new breath of confidence.  


 “Confidence and boldness for black women often start with their hair because they are allowed to experiment and recreate themselves.” 

Our Mission

My goal is to empower women everywhere. So they shine bright with healthy and beautiful skin and hair.   Using our hair care products, you will beable to regrow and strengthen damaged hair.  We garuntee it!   Rub it into particularly damaged spots on your scalp or use with your own self care / hair care routine.   In a few weeks time, your hair will be lush and strong.

Our Promise

Our all natural ingredients like Palm Oil, Mango Butter, and Jojoba Oil have nourished hair in West Africa for centuries.  They are also safe for sensitive scalps including Alopecia sufferers. Because these natural oils and butters only know how to heal!  Give us a try today and with extended use, you will see a substantial difference in your hair growth and hair strength!


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